About Me


I am a mommy of 3 with 8 years experience caring for newborns on the Birth Center at Strong. 

I have ALWAYS  loved little brand new babies, and taking pictures. When my son was born, I wanted to remember, and capture every detail because he was changing so quickly. What better way to encourage him to follow his dreams, then to do that myself. Every single time someone books a session I am honored and in awe that my dream is actually coming true.


I have taken multiple online workshops and an in person mentor-ship focusing on newborn posing, safety, and editing. I am constantly looking for learning opportunities and ways to improve my skills. Being a Registered Nurse helps immensely to tap into my knowledge and instinct of what the baby is feeling, and I will never put them into positions they aren't comfortable in.

I describe my style as white, clean, airy, timeless, and ethereal. I like my backdrops and props simple, because I believe the focus of your images and memories should be of the people in them.

My absolute favorite thing to photograph is the connection between you and your family. The feelings you can't capture in a selfie, or by sitting your kids down and asking them to say cheese.


The in between moments.


When a momma snuggles her baby close to smell their newness, or the way a newborn looks so small in their daddy's hands. The way your baby lights up when they see you smile. Or when a baby reaches up to touch their mommas cheek. I want your images to bring you right back to a time in your life that fills your heart but goes by in a blink.